A landmark case has recently been settled by the European Court of Justice. The family at the centre of the decision is complicated in terms of nationality. The father has dual Irish and British nationality but his wife is Colombian. Their children have British nationality. As the law stood, the mother had to obtain a visa every time she entered … (read more…)

1 September 2014

From 2 September 2014 there will be important changes in the way applications for UK settlement fiancee, partner and marriage visas will be decided, with the emphasis moving from Kingston, Jamaica to UK Visas and Immigration processing hub in Sheffield, UK. This is a change from the previous method of application for … (read more…)

Following a recent announcement by the UK government, processing fees associated with UK visa, nationality and immigration applications will rise by an average of 4%. Additionally, several new premium services will be made available with the intention of reducing the time it takes to process many application types. These changes are still set to … (read more…)


As of 31 December 2013 new immigration regulations are in place regarding TB screening for anyone applying for a UK fiancee, spouse or partner visa from Russia. Applicants are now required to be tested for active tuberculosis (TB) and to be confirmed as being free from infection before they can apply for a UK settlement visa … (read more…)


New UK immigration rules relating to families of British citizens serving in HM Armed Forces came into force on 1 December 2013. The new regulations will affect UK marriage and partner visa applications made on or after this date. Anyone who applied for a UK settlement visa before 1 December 2013 and is still waiting to hear … (read more…)

Subsequent to the UK High Court making a judgment in July 2013 that the minimum income threshold for British citizens and UK permanent residents sponsoring an applicant for a UK spouse, fiancee or unmarried partner visa were ‘unjustified and disproportionate’, a date has now been set for the government’s appeal. The appeal will be heard between … (read more…)

From 28 October 2013, there will be some important changes made to the current UK settlement and naturalisation requirements. The existing Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK requirement will be divided into parts. In order to apply for settlement (indefinite leave to remain – ILR) or naturalisation to become a British Citizen, all applicants … (read more…)

The minimum income threshold rules for UK settlement fiancee, partner and spousal visa applications which the UKBA rolled out in July 2012 has meant that many families have been separated because the sponsor – usually the family’s main breadwinner, but not always – does not earn enough to be able to meet the requirements. For many, the … (read more…)

The High Court has recently revealed its judgment regarding the UK Border Agency (UKBA) imposed salary thresholds for sponsors wishing to bring foreign family members into the country on a UK marriage visa, fiancee visa or unmarried partner visa under the settlement category. In July 2012, levels of earnings for the sponsoring UK citizens and … (read more…)

Many people in Australia and New Zealand who need a faster decision on their settlement application for a UK fiancee, spouse or partner visa have welcomed the new priority service which means that their application can be fast tracked by the regional British High Commission in Manila. Whilst paying an extra fee for this service by no means … (read more…)

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